HopeFest 2021

Rewatch the HopeFest Gala!

Thank you for attending HopeFest 2021! We'll see you next year!

Last year was monumental—for most that meant more stress, more worry, and fewer chances to see loved ones. We all struggled, many more than others. This was especially true for patients and their families coming to St. Louis to receive medical care in our area hospitals.

Thanks to our supporters, HavenHouse Saint Louis is here to be a home away from home and a beacon of hope for patients and families far from home.

HopeFest exists to bring us together and to celebrate those we serve.

Please, join us online on March 6th, 2021 to help hope bloom at HopeFest!

Spring is right around the corner and with it comes HopeFest, our annual fundraising event! This year, it's all online. Give to patients and families in need of support from the comfort of your home! Join in by purchasing an event ticket!

Standard Tickets

Standard tickets are $125 and are a fully tax-deductible donation that directly supports the patients and families of HavenHouse.

These tickets provide access to all HopeFest events. Attendees may also choose to include a catered meal with wine.

If you opt to include the meal, you must be within 30 miles of Butler's Pantry (1414 Park Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63104) to receive delivery. You must also verify that you are 21 or older per state laws. If opting for a meal, $50 (the value of the meal) of the $125 ticket price becomes non-deductible.

Name-Your-Donation Registration

The Name-Your-Donation Registration ticket starts at $0 and provides access to all HopeFest 2021 events (no meal option).

Every dollar donated via the Name-Your-Donation event registration ensures we can continue to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for our visiting families.


Support HavenHouse patients and families in their times of need and make an unforgettable impact. Become a sponsor.

For individuals, groups, or companies looking to go above-and-beyond in helping HavenHouse, there are several tiers of sponsor-specific impact opportunities. Visit our Become a Sponsor page to learn more!

Live Events

We want to create a celebrated experience for sponsors, supporters, HavenHouse patients and families, and everyone in-between.

It wouldn't be HopeFest without these events!

  • Raffles—Enter to win. Enter to help!
  • Silent Auction—Bid for good from your phone!
  • Fund-A-Family—Give directly to those we support!
  • Short, live program—Connect with us live!

Plus, we will share the story of HavenHouse, celebrate where we are today, and look forward to where we hope to be in 2021 and beyond.

Additional Details & Restrictions

  • To receive a meal with your purchase, attendees must be within 30 miles of Butler's Pantry (located at 1414 Park Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104).
  • Attendees who purchase tickets including meals acknowledge that they must be 21 or older to participate.
  • Ticket purchases that do not include meals are fully tax deductible. Tickets with meals included have a $75 tax deductible value and a $50 non-deductible value (totaling the purchase price of $125).
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